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 The IT Crowd (british comedy)

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PostSubject: The IT Crowd (british comedy)   Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:59 am

his is a very good comedy from england.

The IT Crowd is set in the offices of Reynholm Industries, a fictitious
British corporation in central London. It focuses on the shenanigans of
the three-strong IT support team located in a dingy, untidy and unkempt
basement - a stark contrast to the shining modern architecture and
stunning London views enjoyed by the rest of the organisation.

Moss and Roy, the two technicians, are portrayed as socially inept
geeks. Despite the company's utter dependence on their services, they
are despised by the rest of the staff. Roy's exasperation is reflected
in his support techniques of ignoring the phone in the hope it will
stop ringing, and using reel-to-reel tape recordings of stock IT
suggestions ("Have you tried turning it off and on again?", "Are you
sure it's plugged in?"). Moss's wide and intricate knowledge of all
things technical is reflected in his extremely accurate yet utterly
indecipherable suggestions, while demonstrating a complete inability to
deal with practical problems like extinguishing fires and removing

Jen, the newest member of the team, is hopelessly non-technical,
despite claiming on her CV that she has "a lot of experience with
computers". As Denholm, the company boss, is equally tech-illiterate,
he's convinced by Jen's interview bluffing and appoints her head of the
I.T. department. Her official title is "relationship manager", yet her
attempts at bridging the gulf between the technicians and the business
generally have the opposite effect, landing Jen in situations just as
ludicrous as those of her team-mates.

U can get more info were:


U can find were the 6 episodes from the first season:












The rar password is:

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The IT Crowd (british comedy)
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