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 Mitsubishi PAJERO 2008, eXclusive sphinx.up-your.com

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PostSubject: Mitsubishi PAJERO 2008, eXclusive sphinx.up-your.com   Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:57 pm

Mitsubishi PAJERO 2008

5 doors , 7 seats , 3.8 Liter
, 24 valves V6 , MIVEC engine GLS. Automatic transmission INVECS-II
5A/Twith sport mode. 4WD system : Super Select 4WD , MASTC Mitsubishi
Active Stability Traction control. Power steering , Fully automatic
front and rear Air condition. AM/FM radio CD changer. Power windows,
Power mirrors , central door locking with remote control. ABS , EBD
brake systems. 17" Alloy wheels , 2 front air bags + 2 side air bags +
2 side curtin air bags. Xenon head lamps with head lamp washer , front
fog lamp , tilt sun roof , heavy duty suspension , auto cruise control
, leather seats with luxury interiors (GLS package) , heavy duty
battery , RV meter , cooler box , roof rail.

Gasoline engine: 3.8-liter

<h2 class="header2">FLUID MOTION</h2> With a graceful
elegance that only hints at the rugged power lurking beneath, Pajero's
beautifully crafted curves create an interplay of light and shadow.

<h2 class="header2">Awaken Your Senses</h2> Touch the soft
leather upholstery. Relax in luxurious seating that understands the
human form. Spacious and remarkably familiar, Pajero creates a new
perspective. From the outside, a stylish SUV, but on the inside,
nothing short of pure luxury and a ride that is as quiet and
exhilarating as daybreak.
<h2 class="header2">Synthesis of Design & Function</h2>
Some say that life is a journey, but you've got a destination in mind
and plans for when you get there. With enough cargo space for a large
easel and canvas or four full-size golf bags, Pajero can carry whatever
you need, wherever you're planning to go.

<h2 class="header2">Indulge Your Vision</h2> View the
product of human engineering. Take the wheel and know that you are in
total control. Pajero's intuitive layout is accented tastefully with
leather and wood detailing. Inside the cockpit, a unique driving
experience awaits your every move with anticipation, keeping you
informed with ergonomically placed controls and gauges.

<h2 class="header2">A Variety of Seating Arrangements</h2>
The versatility of Pajero's design allows a surprising array of seating
and space arrangements. Front and rear seats can be folded out to 180
degrees, giving you seating for seven, a pair of single beds, or an
extra-spacious cargo area. <h2 class="header2">SEAT MATERIALS</h2>

<h2 class="header2">3.8-liter 24-valve V6 SOHC</h2>
Pajero’s new 3.8-liter engine puts an incredible 250 Horse Power EEC
net (= 270 Horse Power SAE Gross) at your command ensuring that you'll
never be short on power. The new MIVEC system varies the inlet valve
timing and lift to optimize engine output across more of the rev range.
The net result is enjoyment of the full potential this powerhouse has
to offer , with quicker starting response and sure , confident cruising

<h2 class="header2">Variable-intake Manifold</h2> Designed
for Pajero‘s 3.8-liter engine, it optimizes performance by
automatically varying the rate of air intake through the primary and
secondary ports. At low and mid rpm ranges, only the primary intake
port is used, boosting intake speed and producing more torque for
quicker acceleration and better off-road escape-ability, while at the
same time enhancing fuel efficiency. At higher rpm ranges, both intake
ports are used for maximum power output.

<h2 class="header2">Cyclone-type Pre-air Cleaner</h2> To
perform its best, an engine needs a continuous flow of clean air.
Featured on both diesels, this pre-air cleaner increases air draw,
while keeping dust and water out of the intake. With the engine
breathing easy, you and your Pajero will be able to handle any


<h1 class="header1">5-Door Specifications </h1>

<h1 class="header1" align="center"> </h1>
<h1 style="text-align: left; direction: ltr; unicode-bidi: embed;"> Main Specifications and options :</h1> - 5 doors. , 7 seats.

- 3.8 Liter , 24 Valves V6, MIVEC engine GLS.

- Automatic transmission INVECS-II 5A/T with sport mode.

- 4WD System : Super Select 4WD.

- MASTC Mitsubishi Active Stability Track Control.

- Power steering.

- Fully automatic Front and rear A/C.

- AM/FM radio with 6 CD changer + 6 speakers.

- Power windows.

- Power mirrors.

- Central Door Locking with remote control.

- ABS with EBD brake system.

- Alloy Wheels.

- 2 Front Air bags + 2 Side Air bags + 2 side curtain air bags.

- Xenon head lamps with Head lamp washer.

- Front fog lamp.

- Tilt up Sunroof.

- Heavy duty suspension.

- Auto Cruise control.

- Steering wheel have auto cruise control keys + audio control keys.

- Leather seats with luxury interiors (GLS package)

- Heavy duty battery.

- RV meter.

- Cooler Box.

- Roof Rails.

<h1 class="header1">M-ASTC</h1>

<h2 class="header2">Enjoy the Excitement of a Safer
Drive</h2> Using an array of sensors for real-time awareness of
vehicle status, M-ASTC allows you to drive assertively and with the
confidence of complete control. Automatically engaging to eliminate
understeer and oversteer in corners, M-ASTC adjusts braking force to
each tire independently via the ABS system, while managing engine
output via the electronic throttle control. The enhanced control
becomes particularly important when swerving to avoid an object or on
less than ideal surfaces.
<h2 class="header2">Controlled Braking for Improved
Response</h2> Managed by an advanced four-channel, multi-mode ABS
computer incorporating an Electronic Brake-force Distribution system,
Pajero's front disc brakes and rear drum-in-disc brakes are designed to
keep you safely in control on any driving surface.

<h2 class="header2">Anti-Lock Braking System</h2> If the
road throws you an unexpected curve, you'll be ready. ABS prevents
tire-lock by activating the brakes thousands of times a second the
moment you step on the pedal, letting you steer around obstacles as you
reduce speed.
<h2 class="header2">Electronic Brake-force
Distribution</h2> Basic science teaches us that the heavier an
object is, the more effort is required to bring it to a stop. EBD, by
modulating each channel's braking force independently, makes sure you
come to a quick, safe stop regardless of cargo load or road conditions.

<h2 class="header2">Added Protection</h2> Even if you have
Pajero's handling and braking to keep you out of emergencies, the other
driver may not. For these situations, Pajero complements the front
3-point ELR seatbelts with front SRS airbags for driver and front
passenger, as well as side airbags that deploy exactly where needed
regardless of seat adjustments. And of course, for total peace of mind,
you should always wear your seatbelt.

<h2 class="header2">Safety and Reliability </h2> 1- Dual
stage SRS Airbag system.2- Side and Curtin SRS Airbag.

3- Safety design Fuel tank.

4- RISE body.


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Mitsubishi PAJERO 2008, eXclusive sphinx.up-your.com
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